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119 | Reframe and Rebound: Bringing Spiritual and Emotional Hope to Clergy After Forced Termination

Positive Psychology, Health, and Wellness: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Flourishing, Thursday 9/14 8:45 – 10:00 AM, Workshop Tracks


Dallas Speight, Ed.D.; Sheila Speight Ph.D.



Approved For CE

Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Pastors, Pastoral Counselors, Lay Counselors, Coaches

Approved For CME/CEU




Clergy-forced termination could be considered a modern-day epidemic. Although it is difficult to obtain an accurate count, it is estimated that at least 25% of clergy will experience forced termination in their careers (Barfoot et al. 2005; Tanner et al. 2012). Perhaps even more telling is the impact forced termination has on the lives of the minister, the minister’s family, the church, and the community. In this workshop, the presenters will explore the spiritual and emotional reactions to forced termination on clergy and their family members. Licensed mental health professionals and ministry leaders will be able to identify the factors that could have created the forced termination to help the client grow and learn from the situation.

Learning Objectives

1. Describe the spiritual and emotional reactions to forced termination
2. Identify factors that may contribute to involuntary forced termination
3. Summarize positive resources and reactions for people having experienced forced termination
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